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December 03, 2008


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Elizabeth Rouse

My favorite Rock Center Xmas story is about a dog. Go figure...dog freak here. As you look down the Channel Gardens you see the 12 angels playing their trumpets to the heavens. They are painted aluminum and copper wire and have been there since 1954. They are the handiwork of Valerie Clarebout who was from England. After studying at the Royal Academy of Art, she immigrated and worked for a display company. Here comes the good part. One day she found herself $25 short that was required the buy the dachshund (commonly called a weiner dog) she desperately wanted. She made a 2 ft. model and took it to the Rock Center people who later asked her for 12 full size ones. She and her dog lived happily ever after. The angels however are plaqued with problems because of the fragile wire. If bent in handling, the paint flakes off. Exasperating, but well worth it in my opinion. Just pretend it's snow flurries!

Elizabeth Rouse

Oops! If the rule is "i before e except after c" then the dog would be called a WIENER dog. My bad....or...my bad blog. Heh!

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