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January 09, 2009


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Jamie Baker

If she thinks she will have elevator karma, I wonder what I ever did to deserve being stuck in an elevator? My friend and I were going to stay in the new MGM towers called The Signature. We got on the elevator after checking in with two other people. They got off on their floor and we proceeded up, then we heard a loud bang and the elevator stopped. We pushed the emergency button and they asked us if we actually had an emergency. DeeDee replied; Well, if you consider a stuck elevator an emergency, then yes it is an actual emergency. They took us seriously. We got out my portable DVD player since I have serious claustrophobia and began watching a movie. When they got us out we were sitting on the floor watching a movie and eating corn chips, it was past dinner. We were stuck for 32 minutes. They did not even offer us a discount on our room or a free meal. Jerks!!

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