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January 15, 2009


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My daughter Lauren come home raving about the snowbattle. It was the highlight of the entire trip for many of the kids, something they'll never forget. thanks for allowing us parents to be a part of it through your blog. Wonderful, indeed.


First of all, you have WORK? Secondly, this is absolutely, undeniably, forever and ever, my most favorite place in the whole world...Central Park in the snow. It is transcendant. It floats you somewhere between heaven and earth--to some private planet where you at long last find your soul--and then it delicately returns you to a city that demands a piece of that soul every day.


Wow.... I just re-read this and saw the AMAZING photos (what a great photography source you had... hahaha!) So many memories of last year's trip... You guys are the best!!!

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