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February 19, 2009


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Marta Cooper

Love Travis' story about New Year's in Times Square! Always wondered what people did about peeing! I remember thinking how nuts all those people were to be outside in that weather!! Little did I know that I actually knew someone crazy enough to be there! Proud, yet confused. Here's to a great New Year Travis! Keep on keeping on...it's all you got in the end! Cheers, Marta

Doug Nervik

What a terrific tale of a harrowing and wonderful evening! Please promise us that you won't do it again; you have done your duty! Back to Rio! Onward to Oahu!
Thanks for letting all of your guide friends be able to say "Well, I know this guy who stood here for 8 hours to..."

Sonya Leick

That's my cousin!!
I really enjoyed reading this Travis...loved the countdown to 2009!
Hope you have unlimited texting :)
Love ya',


HAH! Well, I wasn't one of the 100 people. Obviously I am a "B" list friend! Only time I saw the ball drop was by accident. I was rushing to kiss my husband (then boyfriend) at his restaurant at midnight. I was way up at 57th street. It would only take me 15 minutes to get from 8th ave to 6th ave, right? NOT!! There was a sea of immobile people with gaze fixed at the tiny ball 15 blocks away. I got halfway across Broadway and was locked in and clamped down. No way was I going to make it. It was scary and funny and so New York. I missed the midnight kiss. This was before Facebook too so I didn't even make any new friends. At least I can tell my tour groups, "Oh SURE I've been to Times Square to watch the ball drop on New Years! Shoot, I wouldn't be a real New Yorker if I hadn't participated in THAT!" *evil grin*

Lois Zember

Hi Trav, You are a great man Charlie Brown. Never would I have done it. To small of a bladder and I'm sure they don't allow coffee cans in Times Square. Only on a fishing boat on Green Bay. Happy New Year my friend. Lois Z

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