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March 04, 2009


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Marta Cooper

Being one of the participants at the Met, I wanted to report what a fun time we had! You don't have to know the Met or the art in order to find the clues. since we all started with different questions, we weren't running into each other. I'm not bitter because we didn't win, or because I always suspect something suspicious with Robert's methods of playing...it was his Birthday after all, but next time my team is going to kick his butt!!!Just saying, Marta


"Just saying." Exactly. All words with you, Sanders! See you at the next one...I'll be the one twelve steps in front of you. xo

Marta Cooper

My dear Robert, you are always in front of me! I bask in your glorious glow!!!Marta


Twelve steps...Whats the meaning behind that remark?


Okay, fifteen steps...

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